Better Brewing at Home

So, here’s the thing-

I started at Black River Roasters a few months ago, and working here has set fire to my passion for coffee education. And I’m noticing that we Baristas are blessed with truly curious, inquisitive, and passionate customers, which is really awesome for me. Because you are all so curious and passionate about coffee, I get an outlet to share all the coffee knowledge bouncing around in my brain.

One of my goals from day one here has been to bring you this workshop. Better Brewing at Home. It is possible. You can make a fantastic cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home. That being said, please keep coming into the store, Baristas exist off human interaction, we need you!

What is Better Brewing at Home? 

Better Brewing at Home is a series of workshops that will teach you how to use specific brewing equipment. Each month I’ll be teaching a different brewing method. You’ll learn it all; the French Press, the Chemex, Pour Overs, Cold Brewing… if you can think it, we will teach it! I’ll show you the essential elements of brewing, and then give you plenty of time to experiment with the brewing equipment. And you’ll get to taste plenty of tasty coffee!

You’ll be like a scientist in a coffee lab, figuring out how to change the variables to create a perfect cup. And honestly, that sounds like a dream to me! Not only that but if you find that you love the coffee from the brewing method we’re using that month, you get to take it home at 15% off!

So How Do I Sign Up? 

Easy! To sign up for May, follow this link! This month we’ll be going over how to make a perfect cup of coffee in the French Press!

Then keep an eye on our Instagram @black_river_roasters and our Facebook page for news on the next one!

Drop a comment and let me know if you’re interested! Or tell me which brewing method we should do next month!

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