Join Us for the Grand Opening Event this Saturday the 26th!

The Black River Roaster’s Grand Opening event is finally here! On September 16th, from 8am to 3pm, we will be celebrating this milestone with an event-filled day.

Chris and Ashley will be holding coffee cuppings throughout the day and offering insight in to proper tasting technique. We use cuppings to gauge our freshly-roasted beans and make sure they are up to par. Those coming with an untrained palette need not worry; Chris and Ashley will guide cuppers to identify the tasting notes of the coffee and properly assess the different origins.  One may be surprised at how quickly it takes to start tasting the subtle notes of coffee once the technique is learned. Cuppings are a great way to experience the raw dynamics of individual coffees and learn how different parts of the world process their beans, which attributes to an origin’s trademark flavor.  Sound cool? Make sure to snag a spot for the two cupping seminars Chris and Ashley will be hosting.

We have recently adopted a new pourover technique that has been pleasing our customers with its cleaner taste. Our seasoned barista, Eddie, worked to tweak and perfect this new pourover method that better showcases the flavor profiles of our coffees. He and our new barista, Rob, will be hosting pourover seminars throughout the day. They will be going over the process, from the grind level of the beans to how the weight works in conjunction with the timing of the brewing. Participants will be able to learn the steps while seeing the product finalize, making for an interactive and educational experience.

Matt, our roastmaster, will be letting the public past the barricade and into the roasting facility where all of our coffee is roasted. Ever wondered how a medium-roast is made compared to a dark roast? It is more than just temperature. Matt will be presenting the factors of roasting which can include: the profiles, the ‘cracks’, and the temperatures. Coffee beans start out as grayish-chartreuse green. See how roasting colors them a delicious shade of brown!

The bar will be pushing out drinks all day. If you haven’t had the chance to try our specialty Slow Pour or a flat white, this Saturday is the perfect day. I will be on bar alongside our second newest barista, Jon. We love explaining the technicalities of drinks and the differences between them. You may find that perfect espresso drink you have been searching for! Try a cortado or an espresso macchiato if your a dark cup of coffee person. As you may know, we do not use flavored-syrups in our drinks because we believe in the natural flavors of our coffees. We do, however, provide natural sweeteners like organic agave and honey that can be used to make your latte sweet. If you are craving something spicy now that the fall season is here, try a chai tea latte! We use pure masala chai black tea leaves instead of concentrate in our chai latte. Not a chai person? Try the vanilla almond rooibos tea latte with cinnamon and brown sugar. Whatever is it you are looking for, the baristas at the bar will be more than willing to find your perfect order.

The team here at Black River Roasters thanks everyone, from the bottom of our hearts, for the support during our soft opening and we hope to see you all (and hopefully some new faces) this Saturday!

Peace, love, & espresso,


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