Up Close & Personal with the Trifecta

What sets Black River Roasters apart from most other coffee shops?

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I would have to point to our Trifecta Brewer. Made by the ever-popular Bunn Corporation, the Trifecta is completely customizable  and allows the barista to control specific aspects of the brewing process. The single-serve brewer produces balanced cups each and every time one hits the button. How can it do that? Let’s dive in:

1. Each Coffee Has a Profile

This is easily the most-convenient pro to the Trifecta. Before our soft opening, Ryan and I brewed and tested the entire Black River Roasters catalog on the brewer. When we both reached an agreement on the settings, we locked them in by programming the origin coffee. One can name a slot and save the settings so that every time a cup is brewed, it is brewed the same way. The settings can be easily changed if one would like to switch up the brew. The water volume can be adjusted as well, which allows for complete control over dosage thus eliminating waste if only a small cup is desired.



2. Turbulence and Extraction are key

Ryan and I toggled with the Turbulence and Extraction settings the most when dialing in a cup of coffee. Turbulence spins and agitates the grounds, allowing more or less sediment to be extracted and end up in the cup. Extraction time would yield how long the grounds were sitting in water. There is a balance between these two settings. When I would detract some of the turbulence power, I would bump up the extraction time more to equalize the brew. Not all coffees agree with this formula but for the most part, turbulence and extraction work in tandem with each other.



3. It’s easy to set up and clean up

This thing is a breeze. There is an accoutrement, which resembles an espresso portafilter, where the ground coffee sits for brewing. The coffee is ground slightly coarser than a regular auto-drip setting (It is essential to use a burr grinder for Trifecta use). Once the coffee is poured into the handle, it locks in under the clear tube and the barista presses the brew button. THAT’S IT! The most involved part of the Trifecta process is dialing in the coffees. Once everything is set, brewing is as easy as grinding, locking, and pressing a button. Once the brew cycle is complete, the lever that locks the tube in place is raised, allowing the handle to be removed and cleaned. The barista pops the handle in once more and initiates the clean cycle, a button located above the lcd screen. This pumps a splash of water to clean the tube from any leftover grinds. Like I said, this machine is a barista’s best friend.



Look at this thing go

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