What’s new at Black River Roasters?

First and foremost, thank you to all who supported us on our grand opening! To those who made it and those who could not, your continued support and love of coffee keeps us going everyday!


The turnout for our grand opening was wonderful and booming. We started the day off with a cupping seminar fronted by Chris and Ashley. Here, coffee lovers were able to learn how to properly cup coffee.  Chris and Ashley guided the attendees on tasting technique, bean identities, and how each region of the world processes their coffee.

Coffee Cupping

Throughout the day, we held roasting and pourover demonstrations. Roastmaster Matt briefed on basic roasting procedures for each type of coffee we serve. He explained why temperatures vary across different beans and how he experiments to find that right temperature. Attendees were able to step past the ‘Employee Only’ line to receive insight on the other half of the cafe and familiarize themselves with the science of roasting.

Coffee Roasting

Rob and Eddie led the pourover demonstration. The two went into detail on the process and how each variable holds its own weight in the brewing procedure. As one outlined the steps of the pourover, the other would demonstrate. This made for a positively interactive seminar and those involved were quite impressed! At the end of the pourover, attendees were able to try a sample of the coffee. We used three single origins for the class: Colombia Geisha, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, and Rwanda Kivu.

Pour Over


So, you may ask yourself, ‘What does this Grand Opening denote in the business’? I have some changes to address that are all for the better!

1. Menu changes

If you have been to the cafe in the past two weeks, you will have already noticed that our menu is different! Our prices across the board have been adjusted to better accommodate you! You will also notice that our drinks are divided into categories. This is to make ordering easier as some of our drinks are best enjoyed at one size. We are also now providing a ‘Joe-To-Go’ service for those who have a crew that needs their coffee. Call a half hour ahead to reserve your box of coffee and we will set you up with cups, milk, sugar, and stirrers! Come stop by and try everything out.

Cafe Menu

2. Stamp Cards

Are you a frequent espresso-enthusiast? We would now like to reward you for your continued patronage with a stamp card! Buy 9 barista drinks and get your 10th free. Always wanted a mocha but never tried it? This is where your stamp card comes in handy! There are no limits on what you can order (except for the fact that is must be barista made).

Stamp Card

3. The New Cappuccino

Our biggest change happens to be one of our most popular drinks. We have decided to adopt a more traditional cappuccino which, in comparison to our old capps, is scaled down to highlight the espresso. When the punchiness of our espresso meets the velvety milk, it makes for a properly balanced drink on the palette. The new cappuccino is an 8 ounce drink. Still attached to the old one? That is fine. We will make it if it still holds your heart. Just let us know at the bar and we will accommodate you.  Don’t hesitate to try the new cappuccino out in our new 8 ounce mugs!

The BRR Team

That’s all for now. See you at the bar





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